Steelgod September: Day Ten (1,728 words)

on Friday, September 10, 2010
I missed my goal today, for the first time. But I have a reasonable excuse.

1. I was at school or work from 8-5. I usually have time to write inbetween. I didn't today.
2. I got new internet at home, which means I can now do more stuff on it like watch movies or play games. Speaking of games...
3. I got Starcraft 2. Best Buy price matched KMart's sale, so I got it for cheap. It was a big coincidence, too, that...
4. There was a SC2 lan party with the IT guys on campus, which I attended and got stomped. Oh well, it was still fun, and I'm excited to figure out that game.

Needless to say, I got home at like 11:45, and I wrote from 12:15-1:00 (right now). So, that isn't completely awful, especially considering I had no idea what was going on in this chapter.

But hey, I wrote something which works. I'll write more tomorrow to make up for it.

Or I'll play Starcraft 2 all day.

One or the other. Maybe both.

Bit for today, a magic info dump!

“Exactly,” April pointed to another mistake I’d made. “The messier the mark, the more out of control it is. It’s like when Creationist draw objects they want to make real instead of abstracts; it has to be precise. I’m certain Rosemary never made a mistake when she had to physically create something to last.”
“Right, but that’s something that has a real world equivalent. These are just images representing the ideas,” I retorted.
“Doesn’t matter. The more precise you are in the abstract, the more control you have over it. When I draw in the shop, I can choose if I want it to be a thin beam or a wide explosion. It just requires a few extra moments.”
Easy for her to say, I grumbled, having to fix yet another miswritten line. Rosemary couldn’t even draw Fire as well as she did, and Rosemary could make actual objects. Besides, if I’m going to use this to fight a Peacemaker, the more the better. I don’t need control; I need enough fire to roast the skin from his bones. 


Ben Godby said...

I'm not certain, but judging by your usual wordcounts, I'm guessing you're shooting for 2,000 words every day. If you only fell short 250 words, that's nothing to beat yourself up over! Especially considering you routinely hit much, much higher.

You know what I just started doing? Stopping mid-sentence when I'm near my goal. Somewhere, Cory Doctorow was talking about how knitters leave "hints" for themselves when they stop knitting, and how useful it is for writers to do the same kind of thing. Anyway... it definitely helps me re-kindle every morning...


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