Steelgod September: Day Thirteen (1694 words)

on Monday, September 13, 2010
A bit under today, and I'll probably be a bit under tomorrow too, honestly. School was crazy today as was work, things just kept going and going and wouldn't stop. Tomorrow my capstone starts (tutoring kids at a middle school), which will eat away any breaks I had in the middle of my school/work schedule. Seriously, I get up at 8 and get home at 5 (sometimes six), without so much as a lunch break. Life just got CRAZY.

Despite that, I'm going to keep writing, still maintaining that 2k a day. One of the major problems was the fact that this chapter...just drags. I'm getting a main character from point A (which was exciting) to point B (which also will be exciting), but the jerk has to walk there. Yeah, I know I could just magically teleport him with the whole "that evening," but because I've said explicitly: "HE HAS A WEEK TO GET THERE," I can't just skip whole days like that. Kills the timebomb, the tension. Or whatever.

I like to pretend I know what I'm doing, ok? Hush.

Here's your thing. I'm going to bed.

The map Devent had only contained the Tempered Lands. On the Eastern side I saw the Biting Range, a long row of jagged mountains running the entire length of Tempered’s border. And, at their northernmost point, next to London, lay the path that lead to the one place on earth I never wanted to go. 
The Steel-Imbued Domain.
I’d seen maps of it before, though there were few in Tempered. It cut like a jagged tooth from the side of the world, thrusting itself deep into the Gulf of Oil and the Unclean Sea. At its heart lay Last Washington, a city rumored to be so large it alone could encompass a third of the Tempered Lands. And in New Washington...
The Steelgods, I thought, taking care to not trip on a fallen branch that crossed the road. The Creators of the World. Truth, Memory, and Knowledge. Omnipotent and immortal beings, said to be older than any human who ever lived. The rulers and protectors of us all.
And, for some reason, they want me to destroy everything.


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