Steelgod September: Day Twenty-Two (3,703 words)

on Wednesday, September 22, 2010
Not as bad as yesterdays, but I don't think it's my best, at least not the last part. I work better in small bursts if I plan on writing large amounts; I haven't had the time ever since my volunteer job started up, so I have to write it all in the evenings (and from the same times, too: from 9-whenever I'm done). Since I'm on a rather...strenuous writing schedule to finish this within the month, I'm forced to keep going even if it is terrible. So I do. Editing ahoy.

If I ever managed to do this full-time (yes, huge if), I'd probably write four times a day, each in 1.5-2k chunks, if not more. That would be easy, allow for breaks, and get books done pretty quick. In my current state, I write a lot, take a fake break (being like I just eat a snack instead of clearing my palette of all things book-related), and then come back. It works kind of, but...not as good as taking a whole hour off to read or play xbox or something.

Anyway, thats how I function. I have a test tomorrow night, so hopefully I manage to get something written. I didn't play Starcraft 2 today (despite borrowing a power cord after all), so that's something.


I knew the map. Judging by the distance, I was almost there. If I’d tried, I could probably see the Peacemaker’s rendezvous point ahead of me past all the trees and shrubs. But I didn’t look forward. I kept my head to the side, staring with intent southward. 
South. Where Steel Summit was. Where April was. 
And then it finally hit me. 
I collapsed into howling sobs, startling a few rabbits who had been watching me curiously. I grabbed my hair and yanked it, then raked my face with my fingernails in relentless agony. I was trembling so much I could hardly stay on my knees, and I feel forward, pounding the leaf-covered earth with unquenchable torment.
I was going to die. This was the end. I’d never see April again. I’d left her, alone, at Steel Summit. I was going to die. 
I am going to die within the hour. 


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Well, that's a little creepy.

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