Steelgod September: Day Twenty-Seven (4,020 words)

on Monday, September 27, 2010
These next two chapters were originally meant to be one, but as you can see by the already huge length, it isn't going to work out that way. I have a hunch that the chapter following these will also be broken into two chunks, but we shall see.

I am still very much sick. Tomorrow I bowed out of both work and volunteering, as I am probably super contagious. I'm also considering just ditching my one class (from 8-9:15) in leu of getting more sleep. That would probably be beneficial in the long run.

With this time I plan on both sleeping and writing. I have a paper due Wed and a test to study for, but aside from that I am reasonably free. We shall see how well that turns out; maybe I can get a good 10k tomorrow and have little left for the remaining two days.

That is all. Here is your (relatively) spoiler-free bit.

Divine’s eyes darkened. “I won’t fail. I swore an oath, do you not recall?” 
He loosed the fingers of his right hand from around the sword hilt, revealing a cloth with a bloody line cut across. “I will do my part. And meet you by the Northernmost gate, once this whole mess is over.”
“I hope so.” Rosemary looked out towards the crowd. “Come on, Cevan; dawn was several minutes ago.”
I nodded. As I followed her back into the resisting crowd, I heard Divine call to use.
“May the Steelgods find it in their blessing to assist you!” And then he turned and made his way through the crowd, towards the back of the gallows.
“Brilliant thing to shout, in a town run by unbelievers,” Rosemary grumbled.


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