Steelgod September: Day Eighteen (2,104 words)

on Saturday, September 18, 2010
Busy day. Didn't study. Played Starcraft 2. But I still wrote.
Tomorrow's plan is to study and write a LOT. I gotta start pumping out words on weekends, as during the actual week it's a huge pain in the butt.

Here's the bit. I'll write more tomorrow, I hope. If school doesn't completely kill me.

And I gotta get the heck off Starcraft 2. I have won 14 of my 15 games, so...

Roc continued. “Luckily for us both, I am good friends with the innkeeper. Cut him a piece of my winnings a few years back, made enough for him to buy fresh stock when he was nearly out of business. Don’t know if he’ll give you the same favors, but I suppose sleeping in a corner is better than sleeping outside, eh Cevan?”
“Don’t call me that in public,” I said quickly, a bit of Devent’s influence finally coming through. “Last thing I’d want is someone to decide they needed a few extra bolts.”
“A few thousand extra bolts,” Roc pointed out, grinning with a mouth full of teeth. “Your price just keeps rising every few months. I’d say the older you get, the more you are worth.”
“Like cheese or a fine wine,” I grumbled under my breath. “My life just gets better and better as time goes by.”

- Borrowing


Ryan said...

I spent most of today staring at my wall trying my hardest to convince myself that I need to get my homework done. Sure, there's better things to do when I am procrastinating, but I was *really* trying to get something done today. I just can't make myself do it unless it's CRISIS time and at that point I really don't have enough time to finish.

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